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Not Just a Bird

Yesterday we went to the church to see Tod.  He was working on the AC unit at the church.  Bro. James, who works at the church, told us about a baby bird who hurt it’s leg when it fell out of the nest.  We found the bird and brought the bird home to take care of until we could take it to Walden’s Puddle, a wildlife rehabilitation center.  We fed the fledgling Robin dog food that had been moistened in water.  In the morning, we were able to take it to Walden’s Puddle.  I thought of the Bible verse that says God knows when each little bird falls.  He cares so much for us !

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French Fry Box Scrapbook Album


I LOVE McDONALDS FRENCH FRIES!!!   They are so absolutely yummy!  I love their potatoey goodness!  I love their aroma!  I love their salty taste!  I really love them when they are fresh and hot, but I have also been known to eat them cold. 🙂  Here, using new boxes from my favorite fries, is my Small Fry album!

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Check out blog for chance to win free scrapbook supplies!

If you go to Red Oak Lines  WordPress blog, you can enter for a chance to win some really cute scrapbooking supplies!  Check out her blog!  It’s great!  She is really talented!  I am so happy that I found her blog recently and subscribed.  She has great pictures of projects that she has done and has a great writing style.  You feel like you are sitting down with a friend, talking over a  cup of coffee!  I found her website on National scrapbooking day.  I loved what I saw on her blog

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No Man is an Island

     Sometimes I find that when I am going through a trial, I feel that I am all alone and nobody cares.  It’s easy to cry and think nobody sees.  It’s easy to think that nobody knows.  Nobody understands.

The school I teach at is having a really difficult time financially.  The numbers didn’t add up and it seemed that we were doomed.  I felt myself crying inside “doesn’t anybody care?”  Here we are, a Christian ministry and nobody cares.  I felt like we were all alone on an island and nobody cared enough to rescue us.

     I tried every angle, every avenue, every way I could think of to try to help the situation.  I would sit at lunch with the first grade teacher and we would brainstorm different fundraising ideas to help the school out.  Months ago we had such hope!  We would laugh at some of the ideas we came up with!  They were way cool.  Time went by and nothing seemed to work out to help the school.  I felt discouragement and dispare.  I felt that so many people had sacrificed and tried so hard to make it all happen.  What went wrong?  I felt as if I were watching a house of cards collapse.  I was depressed and overwhelmed by everything.  I still did my best to try to be a good teacher but I felt so weighed down by grief.  I felt that I was losing something that meant so much to me.  I was also losing all of the children in my class for I felt that, after this year, I would never see them again.  I felt a loss as I realized I would never work and fellowship with the wonderful faculty and staff after this year.  It felt like a death to me.

     It seems that it is this way in my Christian life, many times.  I try so hard to work out God’s plan for Him.  I try to help things along , a little.  My nature is to help people, so, why not help God get things going a little?  The trouble is, that is not the way God works.  He lets me try my angles, work my plans, make my lists, think my ideas and then He is there to comfort me and dry the tears when all of those methods fail.  When I feel completely emptied out, used up, undone, and wasted emotionally, He steps in and says “Be still and know that I am God”.  Ultimately, He will do what He thinks is best, no matter what ideas or plans I have.  I can pray about things, but, I have to trust Him to do what is best. 

     I guess that’s the lesson I’m to learn from all of this.  Trust.  Trust God to know what is best.  Trust God to do what is best.  Trust God to take care of me.  Trust in His love.  Trust.

     I still don’t know what will happen with the school, but I know that I am not alone.  I am not an island.  God knows, He sees, He cares.

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Rags to Riches

When I was a little girl, I loved to play with Barbie dolls.  My mother, who had grown up during the war in Germany, worked hard and had bought me beautiful clothes for my dolls.  I guess I thought I was a fashion designer because I would make all kinds of “gowns” for my dolls to wear out of kleenex.  My mother would get so upset with me.  As a child, I did not understand why she would get so upset.  As an  adult, I understand.  She wanted me to have beautiful things.  She wanted me to have things she never had when she was a child.  She worked hard to provide me with beautiful things and she thought I did not value her sacrifice and what she had worked so hard to provide me with.

Sometimes I am like that with God.  He has clothed me with His righteousness.  I am a child of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords but sometimes I run back to my rags.  I want to drag around my sin and guilt and live a defeated Christian life.  God wants so much more for me.  He provided the gift of salvation and wants me to have “life more abundantly”.  I’m sure that sometimes He feels that I do not appreciate and realize all that He has done for me.  I belong to Him and need to live a life that reflects that!

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What’s In a Name

I thought it best to explain my weblog name.  In the Bible names had meanings and were given to a child based on their meaning.  In today’s society we  tend to pick names that we like, stick them on our child and then investigate what they mean.  I am very analytical and am very interested in names and their meanings.  It always makes me sad to find out that someone has a name that has a negative meaning or connotation.

I have named myself valleydweller as a reminder.  Many times I am in a valley by choice.  I wallow in it and get good and comfortable.  I dig a little deeper and get firmly entrenched.  I plan on staying a while.  I am content in my misery.  I resist offers to help me out of my valley.  After all, I am the one who put myself there.  Eventually I realize this is getting me know where.  I dust myself off and again join the ranks of the mountain dwellers.  Mountain dwellers are overcomers.  They don’t feel sorry for themselves. Rats.  I rather enjoy that.  I’ve gotten good at it over the years.  Mountain dwellers don’t stumble over things behind or below them.  They are looking up.  They are looking up and see their Father’s face.  The face of God. When I am in the valley of my own choice, I don’t see God.  I see my pain, I see my troubles, I see my sins, I see my failures, I see my lost years, I see my broken dreams.  I see a lot but I don’t see God when I’m in a valley by choice.

However, there are times, not by our own doing, that we are in a valley.  In this valley God is taking us aside.  Sometimes it is time to be still and know that He is God.  Sometimes it is time to be still and listen to the still small voice of God.  Sometimes it is time to climb up in God’s lap and know that He is in control.  He knows that we are in the valley.  He is in the valley with us.  This is not a valley of failure, broken dreams, sin and pain.  This is a quiet valley.  It has rolling hills that protect us from storms.  It has a soft and warm breeze.  It is here that God renews our hearts and teaches us many lessons that we can’t learn on the mountain.  As the song says: “In the valley he restoreth my soul”.

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